English language courses for schools and individuals

Tailor-made courses for schools

Moorland Hall welcomes groups from a variety of schools many of which return each year because of the unique experience Moorland Hall offers. We understand that each school may have a different requirement for English tuition and through excellent communication with all schools the language staff can provide a tailor made course to suit every need.  Not only can we provide excellent tuition but we enhance the students’ experience through visits to historic sites, buildings and cultural events.

Language classes are normally held on weekday mornings (except Wednesday) for three hours and are set at a level according to ability. The language focus is on communication, confidence building and of course the correct use of English. Afternoons are organised so that the students can enjoy a carefully chosen programme of outdoor activities. These are designed to develop qualities of leadership, knowledge of the outdoors, survival skills, stamina and teamwork. The result is that every student leaves Moorland Hall with a set of social, physical and language skills which will enhance  their future lives.

On Wednesday and at the weekend, outings are organised to see some of the surrounding countryside and local attractions. We also allow a little time for sight seeing and shopping in the nearby cities.

I had such a good time and learned so much that I didn’t want to leave.

Visiting staff

Once the group arrives in England, we will organise all aspects of the day-to-day running of the course. We ask visiting staff to provide supervision when the programme is not running, i.e. meal times, bed times, and helping supervise the group outings. Many staff like to join in the activities, although this is entirely up to the individual.

Course content

We understand that all schools have different aims when arranging trips abroad for their students and as such, requirements may vary. We are happy to tailor your course to match your school’s needs. For example, you may prefer to take a little longer visiting historic sites, or to arrange a more intensive English course. We will visit you to discuss your requirements and can also provide a visual presentation for your class and parents if required.

The teaching staff were brilliant and got the best out of us but made it really fun too.

Summer camps for individuals

Summer camps provide children from all over the world with a unique opportunity to have new adventures, enjoy outdoor pursuits, outings and visits to historical places, team games and English language tuition all in one package.  They will make new friends of different nationalities, learn new skills and improve their confidence in speaking in English.  Although there will be many different nationalities at the camp, the common bond is English and the language tuition is focused upon improving understanding and communication in English and of course having fun at the same time.

English tuition takes place on four mornings or afternoons per week. Lessons are relaxed and enjoyable yet focused upon the areas of language needed to build confidence in speaking and understanding English.

Travel arrangements

Our holidays run for two weeks at a time. Arrivals are at London’s Heathrow airport on Sunday morning, with departures on Saturday afternoon. We meet all our guests at the airport and we see them safely through the check-in procedure on their departure. For our younger guests, we strongly recommend that parents make arrangements for them to fly as unaccompanied minors.

Ideal ages

Children should be between the ages of 9 and 15. Many of our guests come on their own, but they soon meet and mix with other children. Because we are a small organisation, we can keep a careful eye on everyone and make sure they are happy and enjoying their holiday. We pay particular attention to our very youngest guests to ensure they do not get too tired and are eating and mixing well. Those who have not been away from home before may like to bring a friend with them.