Rock climbing & abseiling

Assault course & initiative problems

Crate stacking

Mountain biking

Mountain boarding

Gorge walking


High ropes & Jacob's ladder


Leap of faith


Air rifle shooting

Team challenge

Outdoor pursuits for schools and individuals

At Moorland Hall we have been organising outdoor pursuits for young people for 20 years. The outdoor activity programme is exciting, varied and enjoyable and set at a level that all can achieve. Our dedicated team of outdoor activity staff are experienced and extremely well qualified and safety is our top priority followed by fun and an unforgettable experience. The activities help build confidence and develop teamwork, leadership and social skills.

All our young visitors very soon feel at home in the relaxed and happy atmosphere at Moorland Hall. Group sizes vary between 20–40 children staying at any one time. Our range of activities include Leap of Faith, coasteering, archery, kayaking, climbing, abseiling, high ropes & Jacob’s Ladder, mountain biking, gorge walking, raft building, crate stacking, surfing, mountain boarding, camp craft and survival skills, basketball, football, badminton, swimming, assault course and air rifle shooting.
We also have plenty of indoor entertainment such as table tennis and billiards, and a wide variety of board games are always available.

Children should be between the ages of 9 and 15. Many of our guests come on their own, but they soon meet and mix with other children. Because we are a small organisation, we can keep a careful eye on everyone and make sure they are happy and enjoying their holiday.

We have a large number of children from overseas coming to stay with us too, including Austrians, Spanish, French and Italians. They come to learn English and enjoy mixing with our English guests, often forming lasting friendships.

We pride ourselves on our facilities and on the friendly and cheerful atmosphere that is very much part of Moorland Hall.

Holidays for individuals run from arrival at Moorland Hall at teatime on Sunday to departure after breakfast on Saturday.

Evening programme

This of a more relaxed nature and enables the group to get together after a hard day. Activities continue to develop confidence, teamwork, leadership and social skills. These include wide games and a sleep out as well as problem solving activities such as, search and rescue, tower construction, night navigation, orienteering and survival skills.