Welcome to our Summercamps

Our holidays are generally for two weeks. Children are expected to arrive at Heathrow Airport on Sunday morning (before 1pm) and will be met by Jo Farrington or a member of his team. Departures will take place on Saturday afternoon. We assist with check-in and arrange with the airlines to help unaccompanied minors.

Our camps are open to children between 9 to 15 years. Our dedicated staff ensure that the children enjoy their stay and are happy.  The youngest in particular are carefully monitored so as not to get overtired. To prevent homesickness children may want to bring a friend, although our exciting programme and the friendly environment of our house make the children feel at home very quickly.

Housemothers look after the children in their freetime and during the night. In case of illness or injury, doctors at Tavistock hospital will be consulted.

After your booking you will be sent a list of recommended clothing. All possessions should be clearly marked so that at the end of the holiday everything returns home.

All specialist equipment for the activities will be provided. Regular checks ensure that all equipment is well maintained.

For the range of activities see Activities